Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Fashion Post

Dress: shelley coat
tights: Honey's
thongs: longs drugs
purse: Barbie Couture

I finally got a digital camera over the summer, so i had a chance to take pictures of my outfits, albeit they take place on the street in various cities! Shopping in Tokyo was amazing! Far more better than I expected!

Dress: Tokyo
tights: Honey's
Gladiators: Shelley coat
vest: Honey's

We went to the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum and there were so many A Rodin bronze statues! They were amazing. This whole outfit i got in Japan. They have so many deals over there it's crazy!

Shirt: Malaika

In shimizu, Japan, there was this hippy/india store with amazing jewelery and clothes. It wasn't that expensive and i bought the coolest hippy inspired necklaces! They are a must have for all my outfits.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

wow. I have absolutely noooo time for this blog.

i guess it might become lost...

no. later i shall resume this lonely blog.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Poems of my incandescent mind!

Lately, I've been writing poems everyday and not blogging so i'll blog what i do in my free time; poems. Actually, I have been typing my poems but anyways just read and enjoy!

Will this amazing feeling ever last?
Or will it be another part of my awful past?
I'm rolling my dice and pressing my luck
I hope in the end I wont be left saying fuck

The monotone steps she slowly takes
The suicidal life she will silently make
Her amazing body of life empties into the thin air
Please stick out your hand and tell her your there

The lost hope whisked away frum my hands
His soul was in my bleak veins and glands
My foolishness broke my shattered heart
It will never mend while we are this far apart

I stare at this ugly stranger in the mirror
as the warmth is draining from my face
my heart bleeds crimson lies and broken pieces
black soaked tears pivot down my cheeks
im drowning in this hateful and deleterious envy
the blood stained window to my soul is beginning to break
all the secret lies and darkness is flourishing rapidly now
loneliness creeps around every corner waiting to hypnotize my already damaged mind
the severe punishment of agony and loneliness is now my fate sealed with a sorrowed kiss

His View
This random girl walked into my life
with an amazing soul and a heart to mend
I cannot wait until i see her again
why her glistening eyes are always in my head
Internally shes bleeding slowly inside
theres so much i can do to bring her to life
All she asks is a heart to love
but the ringing of death suffocates her soul
The lethal poison blackens her veins
Her broken corpse is all that remains

Desolate Days:
The whispering of these shadows
deleterious swirls of magic sins
the tragic rivers cry silky blood
secret capsules of life is embedded in the wind
this bleak beauty where the unknown is captured
and dead leaves dance in circles in this hidden place
ghosts of our past haunts each of our footsteps
we will never be peaceful in these rancorous days

Leave feedback and suggestions please!
Thank you! ^_^

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Alberto Vargas: King of the Pin-up

Alberto Vargas was a pin-up artist that became famous for his pin-ups in "Esquire" magazine known as "Varga Girls." His pin-ups were also featured in "Playboy" magazine. I'm amazed by his artwork and I've been searching the internet for hours to find a lot of his pictures! I flipped through the art book called "Alberto Vargas" that has alot of his most famous pin-ups and they were astonishing! Look at the book someday, or go online to find pictures!