Monday, February 11, 2008

Poems of my incandescent mind!

Lately, I've been writing poems everyday and not blogging so i'll blog what i do in my free time; poems. Actually, I have been typing my poems but anyways just read and enjoy!

Will this amazing feeling ever last?
Or will it be another part of my awful past?
I'm rolling my dice and pressing my luck
I hope in the end I wont be left saying fuck

The monotone steps she slowly takes
The suicidal life she will silently make
Her amazing body of life empties into the thin air
Please stick out your hand and tell her your there

The lost hope whisked away frum my hands
His soul was in my bleak veins and glands
My foolishness broke my shattered heart
It will never mend while we are this far apart

I stare at this ugly stranger in the mirror
as the warmth is draining from my face
my heart bleeds crimson lies and broken pieces
black soaked tears pivot down my cheeks
im drowning in this hateful and deleterious envy
the blood stained window to my soul is beginning to break
all the secret lies and darkness is flourishing rapidly now
loneliness creeps around every corner waiting to hypnotize my already damaged mind
the severe punishment of agony and loneliness is now my fate sealed with a sorrowed kiss

His View
This random girl walked into my life
with an amazing soul and a heart to mend
I cannot wait until i see her again
why her glistening eyes are always in my head
Internally shes bleeding slowly inside
theres so much i can do to bring her to life
All she asks is a heart to love
but the ringing of death suffocates her soul
The lethal poison blackens her veins
Her broken corpse is all that remains

Desolate Days:
The whispering of these shadows
deleterious swirls of magic sins
the tragic rivers cry silky blood
secret capsules of life is embedded in the wind
this bleak beauty where the unknown is captured
and dead leaves dance in circles in this hidden place
ghosts of our past haunts each of our footsteps
we will never be peaceful in these rancorous days

Leave feedback and suggestions please!
Thank you! ^_^


Sukhpreet said...

i have a question! are u greek?
becuase of the way your name is spelled!

dude! i LOVE your poems! like really..i really loved FATE and DISTANCE and the GWENDOLYN one.

and true..drama is fun, but not when your in it. however right now, my life is practically drama free so im happy~

well i hope u get finished with ur room soon!
i seirously want to add flooring to mine...but my dad is changing our whole house to like marbel floors...

Sukhpreet said...

yeah i like that spelling of your name. it's unique.
i have these greek friends and they have a cousin named "nicole" spelled the way yours is

no friends! not possible. EVERYONE has at least ONE friend!

marble's nice, but yeah ..REALLY cold! hahaha

Sukhpreet said...

haha! i thought so!'s greek haha
i have these three buddies they're all greek <3 so i know a lot about the greek culture

we actually had a four day weekend because on friday we had a staff development day..which was fun..because well thursday and friday my parents were in LA so i got stuck babysitting and then saturday i just went out and on sunday my friend spend the night and then monday again i had this dinner with my dad which was fun!! and like i did the rest of my homework on that day

what about you? had fun this weekend?

Sukhpreet said...

euro culture is very nice...but sometimes they get REALLY SNOBBY for no reason! haha

i have ALWAYS had some type of REALLY BAD situation with the europeans whenever i go's sad, but most of them are nice. haha

school's not that bad. i mean, i'm in a lot of activities so it keeps me busy...and EMO! dude, EVERYONE is emo SOMEHOW...EVEN if you're one of those "gangster thugs" hahaa. and if you don't want to be emo then just think of all the HAPPY things that are in you're life! like WHAT Is THE ONE THING THAT ALWAAAYYSSS MAKES YOU HAPPY?
i think i also went through this i just have those days that REALLY REALLY SUCK for me

and dont worry...high school does get better as the years progress....i mean at first it can be really rocky but once you get the hang of things it's real fun